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Annual Installation Dinner and Celebration at the Lake

My Dear Fellow Livonia AM Rotary Friends:

Thank you! I'm humbly honored to serve you as President of our LAMR club beginning July 1st. It was a wonderful Installation this past weekend at Tammy Bonifield's Irish Hills lake cottage. Weather, friendships, Gov. Nick, spouses, food & drink a-plenty, Tammy's honey, the pontoon ride on the lake! Thank you, Tammy. And my thanks to Nancy Darga for being my successor as President-Elect. Bravo to Pat Zucal as Rotarian of the Year. Extremely well-deserved, Pat! And President Claude, what a year. You were tremendous. Well done, as our leader, dear friend. And with your family present! 

I'll miss all of you this Wednesday morning since Janet and I will visit our daughter, son-in-law, and grandchild for four days in Las Vegas. 

Rev. David Stechholz


Thank you, Rev. Dave and Rotarians. You are starting out of the gate really strong, Dave …… I love it!

Tammy, you and your family were wonderful hosts, as always, for our installation dinner. Our dinner is truly the best! It was an honor to have Dr. Nick at our installation Dinner. Already looking forward to next year. We should all think of an excuse for Tammy to host us again this season. Thanks for everything. 

I really understand how hard it is to pick “Rotarian of the Year” for our club. Pat, you were incredible this year with placemat design, coordinating all signage and printing, our Carnival, being a liaison with the other clubs and non-profits with communication, the Zoom tech team, you and Bill F., and your secret construction company, words of encouragement, I was introduced to a lot of people directly because of you and lastly taking on the fun Governor position. I was able to navigate quickly to help our club. 

I look forward to Dave, Nancy, and Erin taking us into the future. “The Magic of Rotary” begins July 1st. I want to thank everyone for helping me “Create Hope in the World.”

Yours in Rotary, Claude Kendrick ___________________________________________________________________________________________


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