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World Polio Day - Spaghetti Dinner Community Fundraiser

In 1979 Rotary International set a goal to bring the Polio vaccine to all of the nations in the world, in an effort to eradicate the brutal and painful disease. This almost impossible quest, with the aid of many other groups and other organizations, has almost been completely met. There are still some cases reported in remote areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The two Livonia Rotary clubs met this past Wednesday to host a Spaghetti Dinner Community Fundraiser. The proceeds of which will be donated toward the Rotary International polio vaccination effort.

The kitchen crew arrived early Wednesday morning to make the spaghetti sauce and chop the lettuce and onions for the salad. Hungry diners began arriving early, and they kept coming. The line of diners moved smoothly and everyone I spoke with commented that the food was excellent. There was a true sense of community as Livonia residents came to support a worthy cause. Although the official head count of the participants is not available at this time, many experienced spaghetti dinner volunteers said that the counts looked to be well up from last year’s event. All in all, this year’s Spaghetti Dinner Community Fundraiser was a win-win for everyone involved. We raised some money to help fund the End Polio cause, and a good time was had by our diners and volunteers.

Mike Ladwig


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