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The Candidates Are Coming

Livonia is having its off-year elections for positions in the city government. The election will be held on November 7th at your regular polling site. To those who voted by mail, the ballots should be in the mail around September 20th.

The elections will consist of the following candidates:

City Mayor:

  • Maureen Miller Brosnan, Incumbent

  • Kathleen L McIntyre, Councilwoman

City Council: (vote for up to four choices)

  • Brandon McCullough, Incumbent

  • Scott Morgan, Incumbent

  • Carrie Budzinski

  • Robb Drzewicki

  • Jim Baringhaus

  • Martha Ptashnik

City Clerk:

  • Lori Miller, Deputy City Clerk

  • Linda Scheel, City Treasurer

City Treasurer:

  • Sue Nash, City Clerk

  • Andrew Lendrum

Both Sue Nash (City Clerk) and Linda Scheel (City Treasurer) are term-limited and cannot run for re-election to their current posts.

We have extended invitations to all candidates to address our Livonia AM Rotary Club.

To date, we have booked the following candidates on the following dates.

September 13th - Carrie Budzinski, Rob Drzewicki

September 20th - Lori Miller, Brandon McCullough

October 11th - Kathleen McIntyre, Jim Baringhaus

October 18th - Sue Nash, Linda Scheel

October 25th - Andrew Lendrum, Scott Morgan

November 1st - Maureen Miller Brosnan, Martha Ptashnik

These “Meet the Candidates” meetings will be held from 7:30 – 8:30 AM on the dates listed above.

Location: Livonia Senior Center Complex, 15218 Farmington Road, Livonia, MI 48154

The public is welcome to join our meetings in person or via Zoom:

Phone Access Option (929)436-2866

Meeting ID: 924 328 2286

Password: 4waytest

Mike Ladwig


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