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MCHS Victory BBQ Success

Sequels are often disappointing when compared with the originals. The movie, The Bad News Bears was a classic, beloved by almost everyone that saw it. The Bad News Bears Go to Japan lacked the spark of the original movie. But with that history of sequels, we persevered with the Victory Soccer Match at the Methodist Children's Home - Part 2.

I arrived early to watch the match. The residents were pumped up and confident. With a year’s experience under their belts, and another year of skillful coaching from coach Dave Burton, and his able son Ben, the boys were ready to put their new skills and confidence to the test. And the residents met and exceeded the challenge. They played well as a team with each player holding their position more firmly and improving their passing and driving to the net skills. Their defense confused the staff who were not prepared for such improved play by the residents. Last year the residents were outmatched by their opponents, this year they gave the staff team all they could handle, and led in the score for much of the match.

At the conclusion of the match, as the residents were running toward the gym for the delicious post-match meal, they were whooping and hollering like a group that just won the super bowl. The essence of true sportsmanship and a feeling of pride, accomplishment, and pure joy of competition by the young men was evident to all those who attended.

As usual, Tammy and Brad's pulled pork, and the fixings led by Bob Carris’s wife Teri's potato salad were worthy of a Victory meal. It had the feeling of a family reunion, as we were all, Rotarians, MCHS staff, and the young men residents one big happy family.

Oh Ya, by the way, this sequel was much better than the original. Two thumbs up. Getting ready for Victory Soccer Match - Part. 3.

Mike Ladwig


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