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Livonia All Stars vs Detroit Redwing Alumni

Just like the movie "Field of Dreams" where an Iowa farmer built a baseball field and players from the past came out of the cornfields to play baseball and relive past glories, Livonia's own Brandon McCullough had a dream of organizing a hockey game between Detroit Red Wing Alumni players and the local Livonia players named the All-Stars and fulfill the dreams of almost 400 fans and fill the coffers of a worthy local charity, Livonia Friends and Families.

With the help of our fellow Rotarian Eric Ladwig, Bill Joyner, and the financial backing of the Alpha USA and other sponsors, the dream was formed. On Sunday, Oct. 10th, the dream came to fruition as almost 400 hockey fans arrived at the Eddie Edgar area to enjoy watching idols from their past (the Detroit Red Wings) play with their friends and neighbors from Livonia.

The final score was 400 satisfied fans, $10,000 into Livonia Friends and Families coffers and a feeling of accomplishment for the Livonia AM Rotary volunteers Sharon Pommerville, Brad and Tammy Bonifield, Eric and Mike Ladwig, Pat Zucal and Dave Stechholz (who sang with the Livonia Civic Chorus). And oh, as an after thought , I think the final score of the game was Red Wings 11, Livonia All-Stars 6

-Contributed by Mike Ladwig


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