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D.O. it for Denny

Most people think that all angels have wings; white, fluffy wings, attached to their backs so they can easily fly up to the clouds. Our speaker disproved this notion for Sami McKay is truly an angel without wings. Sami is the founder of the D.O. it for Denny, a Facebook service group. Denny was her uncle who at an early age was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy. He did not let his disease deter him from following his dream of becoming an attorney. Denny defended those who were poor and dedicated his life to helping those who needed help the most. Muscular Dystrophy took his life at an early age, but his passion for service to others lives on through Sami and her group.

The D.O. it for Denny group has a monthly service project that Sami does with help from her family and a few close friends. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Making blessing bags of food and seasonal items for the homeless and food insecure locally.

  • Collection and distribution of backpacks and school supplies for those in need at the Kennedy School in Livonia.

  • Twice yearly book drives for parentless children.

  • Easter projects that match families that need help with families that want to help families in need.

  • Coordinate between helping families that need help with providing a nice Christmas for their families with people who want to help them.

I guess if I had to write a mission statement for D.O. it for Denny it would be, “All altruism, all the time,” brought to you by Livonia’s own First Citizen Award Winner, Sami McKay. She is truly a wingless angel.

Mike Ladwig


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