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Club Assembly

This week we held our Club Assembly. The following items were discussed:

District Holiday Party

  • The party was well attended with great food, lots of fun, and a wonderful venue.

  • Our club received 3 awards at the party: 1) Every Rotary Every Year Club, 2) 100% Foundation Giving Club, 3) A Certificate of Support for our Contribution to End Polio Now.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • See Newsletter And Website For Details And Sign-Up Links.

  • Present wrapping at Methodist Children's Village at 10:00 AM Monday, December 12th. This is a drop-in activity and will last until approximately 5 PM.

  • Salvation Army bell ringing Joe's produce Saturday, December 17th, 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM one-hour shifts

  • Celebrating Brad Bonifield Saturday, January 7th, from 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM, One Under Craft Beer and Eats, Livonia.

Financial Report - Treasurer Bob Carris

  • We are in a strong financial position and able to reach our goals.

  • The annual carnival is our biggest fundraiser. We did well this year and early indications are that we will be able to hold the carnival in the same location at the Sears parking lot next year.

  • Bill Friske has created a spreadsheet of all the grants we have given over the past six years. He highlighted grant recipients we tend to give to each year (Legacy Grant Recipients). There was a discussion on using this spreadsheet as a tool to help with budgeting. Ideas included budgeting the total amount we typically give to the Legacy Grant recipients and that will allow us to project how much we can give to new parties requesting grants.

  • The membership was told to talk to Bob or Tammy if anyone wishes to go into more detail about budget issues such as reviewing receipts, etc.

Giving Committee - Chairperson Larry Stevens

  • The committee reviewed 4 grant applications in the last month and made the following recommendations. 1) Roll a Hippo, 2) Living and Learning Enrichment Center, 3) St Mary’s Outreach Center, and 4) Interact Club Past President Harish‘s program working with the visually impaired in India (VT Seva). The recommendations were approved by the club membership.

  • Rosedale Garden Presbyterian Church grant request is currently under review and the committee has requested more information.

  • New grant requests are coming in at a steady and manageable rate.


  • Sending out reminders to Legacy Grant recipients to apply for a grant if they have not done so.

  • Organizations applying for Grants are a good resource to tap as future speakers at our meetings.

  • Doctor Stanley has been in and out of the hospital lately. He is planning a return trip to Cameroon in 2023 and plans to deliver the ultrasound machine to the clinic at that time.

  • Water Well in Cameroon. By making a significant investment, we may be able to get matching funds for this project if we choose to pursue it.

  • Much discussion and energy about pursuing international projects. Our Rotary district is supportive of efforts by district clubs interested in pursuing international projects.

  • Discussion on having a traveling Cookie and Eggnog Christmas Celebration (like a progressive dinner) on Thursday Dec. 22. More information will be coming.

John Clay


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