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Assembly Meeting

We held our club Assembly Meeting via Zoom as the Senior Center was needed for election business. We heard, and viewed an inspiring presentation from Rusty Campbell, Larry Steven's son in law, regarding their missionary work in Ecuador. We can all feel heart felt joy in our small part in aiding Rusty and his wife Laura in this worthy endeavor.

Next, we heard from our "Dream Team" Giving Committee's Chairman Larry Stevens. He informed us that the Giving Committee will meet monthly, prior to our monthly board meeting, to review and vote on the submitted grant applications. The Board will have an opportunity to review and then vote on the grant applications. If a majority of the board approves of the application, it will be brought to the general club membership for open discussion, then an Yea or Nay vote by the general membership. If the grant receives approval from all three groups, the grant application will be forwarded to our Treasurer for record keeping and check writing. All seven of the grant applications were approved by the three groups, and will be forwarded to our Treasurer.


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