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The Rotary Foundation

The Sheriff is Back in Town


Much to the delight of the club members, Sharon Pommerville, Sargeant of

Arms attended the meeting in person after a long convalescence period from surgery to repair a broken shoulder from a fall this past winter. Folks were so happy that everyone donated a “Happy Buck” to celebrate Sharon's attendance.

The Invocation was from Larry Stephens.


Bring a Friend: Russell Parmalee, a former member of the Livonia (Noon) Club, was welcomed to the meeting. He was invited by both Rev. Dave Stechholz and Erin Dobbins. Carnival Update: Susan Paluchniak reported that the Livonia City Council will be voting on approving the carnival at its next meeting.

Livonia AM Rotary Road Clean Up is scheduled for May 11, 2024, along Five Mile Road. Greg Greene will give details on where to meet, the time, and to pass out equipment.


The Rotary Club of Canton is sponsoring a special dinner at On the Border, 21091 Haggerty Road, on May 9, 2024. The price is $20.00. Members of the club were encouraged to attend to support the Canton Club.


In support of the Arts, the Livonia AM Rotary Club donated $500 to Bill Joyner’s “You Gotta Have Art Party,” a meet-up for Livonia artists. All artists are invited to attend: painters, writers, dancers, performers, photographers, and graphic artists. Steve Alexander, Nancy Darga, Sharon Pommerville, and Mike Ladwig will attend. Claude Kendrick, President of the Club, will present a giant check at the event on Thursday, April 25, 2024, from 6 to 8 at Mama Mia’s Livonia.

The “Special Speaker” was Rick Caron, the Past District Governor 6400 and a member of the Rotary Club of Windsor (1918). Rick started his presentation by explaining that,

“The Success of The Rotary Foundation is the Foundation of Rotary’s Success.”

Rotary is comprised of three parts: Individual Clubs, Rotary International,

and the Rotary Foundation. All three components work together to make lasting change.

The Rotary Foundation uses gifts for service projects. In the past 100 years, it has funded more than 4 billion in life-changing, sustainable projects.

To be eligible for The Rotary Foundation Grants, a club needs to raise $100 per capita for the annual fund. Rick gave us an example of a project his club did in Ghana. The village has been suffering from waterborne diseases because people use water from the same source they bathe in and dump in. His club drilled a well, set up a pump, and taught the locals how to maintain it, repair it, and keep spare parts on hand. The water sanitation global grant in 2019 built over 200 wells and reached 25,000 people.

Rick encouraged the club to take donations to the Foundation seriously because it means much to the world.

Nancy Darga


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Rotary Club of Livonia AM

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