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Club Meeting - Out of Africa

Our speaker at our November 16th meeting was club member and Giving Committee chairman, Larry Stephens. Larry, who is a retired minister, returned to Africa this past summer. He returned to Kenya where thirty years ago he began a church in the town of Nairobi, Kenya. When he started the church in 1992 the church was built attached to a 400 square feet house. Larry showed us pictures of the church today, and its a much larger edifice that continues to serve the spiritual needs of many residents of Nairobi.

Today the church, the Komarock Church of Christ, has an outreach program to help local street kids to leave drugs and return to school. Their motto is If you save the life of one person, you can change the world.”

Larry also graced us with stunning pictures of the Kenya landscape, the large animal preserves in the country, and some really, lovely pictures of local Kenyan birds.

Larry left us with the message to travel while we can, and step outside our comfort zone. The message I received from Larry’s presentation is prosperity is not measured with dollar signs, but with your legacy of helping others. I guess that is the Rotary Way.

Mike Ladwig


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