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Club Meeting - Greenleaf Commission

Our guest speaker this past week was Jim Baringhaus, Chairman of Livonia's

The Greenleaf Commission is a Livonia government agency. Their charge is to promote and educate the Livonia community on environmental issues. Jim spoke of four major initiatives the commission has engaged in during 2022:

  • Green Infrastructure - Renovation, replacement, and solarizing of the Livonia housing stock.

  • Tree Ordinance - Since trees play a major role in removing pollution in our air, they are working on a plan to sustain and increase the number of trees we have in our community.

  • Recycling - Jim informed us of the City's successful trash recycling program. He also mentioned how to recycle rainwater by using rain barrels.

  • EV Charging Stations - There are plans underway to increase the number of Electric Car charging stations in the city. Many EV auto owners are installing electric car charging stations in their garages.

We all applaud the many efforts of Jim and the members of The Livonia Greenleaf Commission. They are showing us how to live in a greener and cleaner city.

Mike Ladwig


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