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Forever Families

Last week we were honored to have two speakers from the same organization, Forever Families. The speakers were Jennifer Mahon and Rhiannon Pniewski.

Their primary mission is to help homeless children find their forever homes. If a forever home is not found, then they look for a foster family for the youngster.

Forever Families began 25 years ago as an international adoption agency. They subsequently added domestic adoptions to their portfolio. Reuniting the children with their birth parents is always the first goal. But, if that is not possible, they look for adoptive parents. If none are a good fit for the child, they work to place the child in a foster home.

They also have added a mental health service. Forever Families has 35 employees, and most are trained social workers. Currently, they are working with 120 youngsters in foster care.

Their goal is to be driven by what is best for the children. I could feel the passion Jen and Rhiannon have for making the children’s lives joyous, happy, and healthy.

The ladies also mentioned they are always looking for loving foster parents, with the key word being loving.

Mike Ladwig


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