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Club Meeting - Vote.Run.Serve

Our speakers this week were Carrie Budzinski and Brian Weiss who launched Vote.Run.Serve-Livonia in December 2021. Michael Testa later joined as the correspondent for Livonia Public Schools. All 3 are Livonia residents.

Vote.Run.Serve-Livonia is a volunteer driven, local news source designed to help make information about the City of Livonia easy to access for residents. It’s mission is to provide non-partisan information about municipal government, local issues, and community events. The hope is that by doing so it will change the way we engage with each other and bring people and organizations together to work on projects which will improve Livonia.

Using their Web site VoteRunServeLivonia and their Facebook page, they report on City Government, Local events, and Candidates running for office. On the first of each month, they post a recap of what went on during the previous month. Some of the topics recently covered include Greenmead Master Plan Draft, October 5, 2022 – City Council Meeting, Candidate Meet and Greet (VIDEO), and October Happenings.

In addition to reporting on current events, they publish downloadable guide booklets on various topics such as Livonia’s 2022 Voter Guide, Livonia Non-Profit Guide. On their Facebook page, they have videos on various topics including Running For Office which provides information about the nuts and bolts of how to run a campaign.

Carrie and Brian explained this is a labor of love for them. They have very little interest in becoming a 503-C3 organization in order to be able to acquire funding through donations or grants. They enjoy what they are doing, do not need much money to do it, and really do not like keeping books or filling out tax forms.

John Clay


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