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Livonia AM Rotary Club and Livonia Kids & Families 

Clarenceville Cooler Project

The Livonia AM Rotary Club (LAMR) is seeking community supporters to help build a walk in cooler at Clarenceville High School so students and families have continuous access to fresh food. As a member of our Livonia Community once said, “A Hungry crowd can’t learn, Happy kids are engaged kids, and Engaged kids are better learners, it’s all connected.” The Livonia Kids and Families food pantries successfully support students by providing basic food staples. There is a need to include fresh, perishable foods like vegetables, dairy, and meat. We can accomplish this by providing an 8X10 walk in Cooler at Clarenceville High School; so, the program may provide and distribute a fresher, healthier and more nutritious food selection to those families in need.


Please keep in mind, the Clarenceville District serves individuals from Livonia and surrounding communities. All donations collected will go to purchasing and installing the cooler.  The funding goal to complete the project is $30,000.  The goal is to install the cooler by the end of August so fresh produce and perishable food items will be available to students right at the beginning of the next school year.


Livonia AM Rotary is committing to providing a Sponsorship of $5,000 to kick off the campaign. Schoolcraft College Foundation has agreed to donate $10,000 to double our donation.


Will You Match Livonia AM Rotary at $5,000 or Schoolcraft College Foundation at $10,000?


If you would like to help us help the youth in our community. Please note the various sponsor levels below, but know that all contributions of any size are welcomed.

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Huge Title

Sponsor Participation Detail

Bronze level ~ $100 to $499 will be recognized with a certificate to display at your place of business.


Silver level ~ $500 to $999 will be recognized with a certificate to display at your place of business and listed on both the Livonia AM Rotary and Livonia Kids and Families websites.


Gold level ~ $1,000 to $2,999 will be recognized with a certificate to display at your place of business and listed on both the LAMR and LK&F websites and the school website plus will also be invited to a special ribbon cutting ceremony where your name will be displayed on the cooler for the 2024 - 2025 school year.


Platinum level ~ $3,000+ will enjoy all of the gold level benefits plus up to a 10-second featured space on our video highlighting your business.


All sponsors will be showcased at the end of a video highlighting the food pantry, and the installation of the cooler.


Electronic payments may be made directly below or via check payable to:

Livonia AM Rotary Foundation
37637 5 Mile Rd
Livonia, MI 48154


If you would like to learn more information about how to help us help the youth in our community, or to request an invoice, please contact:


Bill Friske, Member Livonia AM Rotary

Call/Text (734) 578-5115 or

Donation Form

Contibutions of any amount are appreciated!



Contributions in any amount are welcome and appreciated!

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